Historical Centre and Museum of the Resistance in Drome and Deportation (FRANCE)
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  • The rise of nazism
  • The phoney war (1939)
  • Armistice and June 18 Call
  • Occupation and Collaboration
  • The Resistance gets organized
  • The Resistance spreads out
  • The armed Resistance
  • Repression
  • Deportation and internment
  • The liberation in Drome
  • Videos

  • The armed Resistance

    Then, the Allies accept to help this resistance movement, from now on organized, and start parachuting operations , among others in the mountainous and wooded regions, where most of the dissidents hide.

    The armed Resistance Nearly 300 tons of arms and ammunition will be thus dropped in Drome, including half of it in Vercors.

    From that moment on, operations can be planned : Sabotage and attacks against road and railroad convoys. In 1944, after the Normandy landings, then the Provence landings, Drome will be fully requested.

    Derailment of Vercheny Violent fights will take place in our region, such as in Hauterives, Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte (Vercors), Vassieux-en-Vercors, Nyons and all along main road 7.

    To know more : a visual and sound map of Drome is displayed in the Museum...

    Destruction of the Livron bridge, during the night of august 16th  to 17th  1944 Several sabotage and attacks will take place, the most important ones at the power station of Beaumont Monteux, at the railway depot of Portes-lès-Valence, and at the Livron bridge.

    Gathered into one entity : the FFI, the French Resistance forces, jointly to the american Units, will harry on all sides, the still powerful retreating enemy.

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